Thursday, May 8, 2014

Urgent Care in South San Francisco: Treating Salmonella Infections

The salmonella outbreak has since been put under control, yet it does serve as a reminder that one can never be too complacent when it comes to food quality and sanitation standards. After all, poor food preparation conditions and lax hygiene controls can increase the risk of salmonella infections. Those who are incubating diseases caused by salmonella should seek urgent care in South San Francisco.

Salmonella is typically associated with unclean poultry and undercooked eggs, though any food item can be contaminated by the bacteria through sloppy food handling or preparation. Although mild Salmonella infections typically resolve within five to seven days, more severe cases involving food poisoning, paratyphoid fever, and even typhoid fever may require antibiotic treatment. Those who have contracted any of the above symptoms should stay hydrated at all times, and visit a South San Francisco urgent care center run by a reputable firm like U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group for the appropriate remedy.

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